Materials Supply Services

A & N Earthmoving takes pride in supplying quality materials to earthmoving projects, quarries and construction sites throughout Western Australia.

We offer material supply services at competitive rates, and you can be sure you're getting quality material that suits whatever job you're carrying out when you order with us.

Granite suppliers

The granite-based materials we supply can be used for water revetment protection, pipe covering, breakwater construction and more.

Limestone suppliers

Our limestone supplies have a range of applications, including road and driveway construction, commercial and residential developments.

Road base suppliers

Some of the jobs that can be completed with our road base supplies include road and driveway construction, commercial and residential developments.

Sand suppliers

For use in slab fill, road construction, blending with topsoil, electrical cable bedding and more, our sand supplies are incredibly versatile.


A & N Earthmoving provides a convenient, reliable delivery service at cost-effective rates. Based in Stirling, we deliver materials to quarries and construction sites right across Western Australia, including Joondalup, Perth, Rockingham, Northam, Geraldton, Port Hedland and Broome.


Safety is top priority at A & N Earthmoving. When onsite and during delivery, A & N Earthmoving drivers and operators are careful to follow site safety guidelines to ensure the safety of all workers and pedestrians and to allow efficient traffic flow and delivery efficiency.

A & N Earthmoving's reputation goes before us and, with a focus on safety, quality and efficiency, all materials we supply to customers are of top quality and are delivered safely and on time, every time. Whether you are working on roads, structures, quarries or anything else, A & N Earthmoving has what you need.

For delivery of earthmoving, quarry and construction materials including granite, limestone, road base and sand that you can rely on, contact A & N Earthmoving.

Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly operators for our competitive quote.

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